Friday, August 14, 2009

An Ending and A New Beginning

It has been over three months since we had a new post here and I apologize to all those who were eager to see some new posts. Sometimes life gets crazy and who knew running a blog would be so time consuming. I learned the hard way just how much time one must put into it and when you have a full time job and other priorities, well sometimes you have to choose what comes first.

When it comes to doing things like spending time with my children or blogging, I would chose spending time with my children any day of the week over maintaining a blog. With that being said, this will be the last post of Sunny D. Of course it does not mean I am going away.

I have been given an opportunity to blog over at The Liberal OC. There I will have the freedom to post my opinions on the many issues we face here in Orange County and not have to worry about running and maintaining the blog, I can rely on Chris Prevatt and Dan Chmeliewski to do that. So with that, thanks for reading folks and see you over at the Liberal OC.

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