Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bustamante Admits: Art Pedroza the Reason for Going After Planned Parenthood

In the years Carlos Bustamante has been in office, he has never contacted me once. So imagine my surprise when I get a call from his office asking for a short meeting with me. As I arrived at his county office, I was once again surprised to find Chris Prevatt and Matt Cunningham there for the meeting as well. Then Bustamante came in and dropped the bombshell. He admitted to being the leak to Moorlach on Planned Parenthood receiving county Tobacco Settlement Funds. My jaw dropped.

He went on to say that he did it in retribution to their endorsement of Art Pedroza and was upset they had endorsed his main opponent that could have led to his defeat. I must admit, I did question Art’s original assertion that the witch hunt against Planned Parenthood was in retribution to their support of him. I did not think Carlos Bustamante would have cared. I was wrong.

I asked the Councilman if he knew the potential consequences regarding teen pregnancy, especially in Santa Ana. He said none of that mattered and really it all goes back to Art Pedroza and his vicious attacks on Bustamante. He mentioned that all the Supervisors were also outraged at the endorsement and this was all a big attempt to strike at Art Pedroza.

How Carlos, how could you be so callous and petty? The work these Health Educators do for the community is so important, how could you destroy all that. This clearly shows the relevance of Orange Juice in the Santa Ana community. They are clearly making a difference and making Carlos Bustamante and the current city power structure shake in their boots. I just mourn the harm his actions will cause Santa Ana. With Planned Parenthood shut down, it is clearly up to Orange Juice Blog and us at Sunny D to pick up the banner and try to stop the damage that has been done.

Join with me as we march on the next City Council meeting to demand Carlos Bustamante’s resignation! We cannot live this outrage down!


  1. Claudio, I can't believe you posted about this. That meeting was supposed to be off-the-record.

  2. Claudio,

    You and Art reap what you sow. You two made Orange Juice into the cutting edge of blogs and we will not rest until you are silenced from the blogosphere.

    We will go after Planned Parenthood for your two's eternal connection to their evil cause. Claudio and Art's tentacles of evil must be stopped!

  3. Matt,

    Carlos called us in, he revealed the truth, i am not going to wait for him to give the permission to post it. The public has a RIGHT to know! You Republicans really have no shame.

  4. Claudio - I wonder why Art did not recognize Planned Parenthood in his thank you for support during his election.

  5. junior,

    Oversight. I truly appreciated the support both Planned Parenthood and ECCO gave me.

    BTW, this post was an April Fool's Day post, FYI.

    Well done Claudio!

  6. Claudio,
    April fools!
    You must be joking