Friday, April 3, 2009

Carona: THe Movie

Chris Emami likes putting together matches for politicos who could be portrayed in a movie on THE OC. There is one saga that I know could be a worldwide hit, a movie on the rise and fall of "America's Sheriff", Mike Carona. Below is what I believe to be the perfect cast ensemble for the major players of this saga. Of course there is only one director who could capture the intrigue, corruption and drama, that man is none other than MARTIN SCORSESE(pictured below). The rest of this all star cast would be:


Nicholas Cage as Mike Carona

James Cromwell as Don Haidl

Javier Bardem as George Jaramillo

Michael Imperioli as Joe Cavallo

Kevin Spacey as Mike Schroeder


Edie Falco as Deborah Carona

Marcia Cross as Debra Hoffman

Bryce Dallas Howard as Susan Holloway

Jessica Alba as Erica Hill

Olga Kurylenko as the Mysterious Russian Interpreter


Peter Gallagher as Tony Rackauckas

Steven Van Zandt as Rick Rizzolo

Shia LeBeuof as Greg Haidl

Dennis Quaid as Wayne Quint

Harvey Kietel as Bishop Todd Brown

Dennis Farina as Patrick DiCarlo(No pic was available for DiCarlo)

Neil Patrick Harris as R. Scott Moxley (no pic was available of R. Scott)

Ellen DeGeneris as JoAnn Galinsky

Betty White as Shirley Grindle


  1. Claudio:

    I know it doesn't fit with the cute underhanded theme, but those who know me best insist it should have been Charlie Sheen.



  2. Scott,
    He meant the Neil Patrick Harris from Harold and Kumar. That fits you better than the real Charlie Sheen. :o)