Monday, April 20, 2009

Coarsening of America: From the Right

Coarsening of America: From the Right is back. In this edition, we will be focusing on the tax day protests, a so-called "American rebellion." Fact is, it was organized by Republican activists still sore about getting pummelled in the last election. It was attended by the same people who yelled racist and hateful comments at McCain and Palin rallies demanding Obama to be killed. The pics below clearly demonstrate the true world view of most Fundamentalist Conservative Christians. The silence from the organizers of these events clearly shows them to be guilty of promoting this hateful message. Here are the pics that show how the conservative movement is coarsening the debate in America:

Yeah, I think they said enough. There were said to be similar signs at the OC rally's as well. As I have said before, I always disliked the comparisons of Bush to Hitler, as bad as Bush was as a President, there is no comparison. I never hesitated to hold my end of the aisle accountable, we can't say the same for the conservatives. Christian conservative icon J.P. Moreland always loved to knock the left for signs like "Buck Fush" yet is silent on this. Can we call this a tacit approval? I think so.


  1. This blog kinda sucks. You havent had any new content for so long. And your past content is as old as dirt. I have seen mabe 10 comments on this blog the while time it has existed. You have Thomas Gordon a Rep, dyed in the wool shill for Janet Nguyen and the usual suispects as your co-pilot.

    Claudio, you need to callit quits and fold this thing up.

  2. Hey Claudio. I think you are a great guy. Did you hear I lost my job because I'm a schmuck?
    I mostly drink alot while watching Jerry Springer at my Mom's house. Oh well.