Friday, March 27, 2009

Abel Maldonado Reveals the Truth: Republicans Want California to Fail Too

I really don’t understand how Senator Abel Maldonado can even stay a Republican after this interview with the Santa Barbara Independent. If there was ANY remote chance of Senator Maldonado making peace with his fellow party faithful, this interview ruined any chance of that. Yet I tip my hat to the Senator for making this brave move. I give him credit for confirming what we all suspected, that the GOP hacks in the State Legislature are following Boss Limbaugh’s marching order to make the entire country fail in order to take power back.

In the interview, Abel reveals that GOP legislators were calling him and admitting their goal was to drive the state into bankruptcy in order to frame Democrats as failures. Imagine the unemployment level if this state went into bankruptcy. The entire country would have been dragged into a new GREAT DEPRESSION. Yet that did not matter to the GOP, all that matters is that they want power and they will do it by any means possible.

It appears there are some in the GOP, like Maldonado, where the people matter more than power, but people like him are rare. It is unfortunate Maldonado does not name names, but Senate Republican Leader Dennis Hollingsworth admits he was one of them in this article HERE.

The greater revelation here is an admission from the Republicans that passing a budget with many cuts and some tax increases would save California from fiscal destruction, while continuing to hold up the budget would have send the state off a fiscal cliff. Their tactics reveal they KNOW sometimes taxes must be raised in a fiscal emergency, but they did not care. They cared more about power!

Shame on the GOP, shame on all the conservative hacks who are more interested in power, more interested in shoving their ideology down our throats than trying to save our country and state from a Depression. The entire world needs to know of Abel Maldonado’s interview and know this is the GOP goal, to bankrupt the state and the country in order to make Democrats look bad. Truly a party with no scruples.

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  1. This is bunk - California will manage to fail just fine without help from Republicans.