Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ideology First; Screw Public Health

Today the Board of Supervisors did not just vote for more STI’s and Teen Pregnancy, today they voted for a McCarthey like witch hunt of our health care professionals. I know some of the Board will spin it as a compromise from what Moorlach was demanding, but if anything, it is much worse.

So Planned Parenthood will not “immediately” lose the funding. Instead the Board has decided to flip the bird at patient privacy and demanded any clinic or hospital turn over patient records to see if they perform abortions that the county is possibly funding. This was Pat Bates’ idea. WHAT PART OF NONE OF THE FUNDING GOES TO ABORTIONS DO THEY NOT UNDERSTAND!!

The five Board of Supervisors chose to listen to Wiley Drake, a nutcase who has prayed for people to die. Shame on them for cowtowing to extremists in their party rather than serving the constituents who elected them. They went even further in admitting they plan to pull funding in June for Planned Parenthood WIC to track immunizations. So not only did they vote to allow STI’s, they admitted they would rather allow dangerous diseases to ravage Orange County than work with an organization that only has 7% of their revenue go towards abortion services.

It is apparent that three of the five Supervisors are clearly ideologues on the issue. Moorlach, by reading his statement on Red County, is clearly of the Wiley Drake school of thinking while Bill Campbell was an open shill for child molestors in the Orange Diocese. Pat Bates is probably the worst of the bunch. What rock has she been living under? So-called “partial birth abortion” has been illegal in this country for nearly two years thanks to her conservative friends on the Supreme Court. What her supposed “compromise” amounts to is a witch hunt of nearly all Health Care providers in Orange County who get money from the county. Instead of health care experts, five politicians who are either extremist religious fanatics like Moorlach or trying to suck up to extreme religious fanatics will be deciding who gets funded and who doesn’t based on whether they provide abortion or even give a referral on abortion. The only who will likely be left standing is St. Joseph’s Health Care System.

I dare the Supervisors to conduct this witch hunt. I dare them to run out groups like United Way or Girls INC. I dare this all GOP Board of Supervisors to force a financial crisis at UCI or Western Medical Center. I dare them to squeeze local community clinics of their funding to provide much needed health care to working class residents. If they conduct this witch hunt, there will be an outcry against the Republican Party like there has never been before. People will be switching party's in record numbers knowing that they conducted a witch hunt in their effort to force their religious views down people's throats. This will blow up in their face like the Terry Schiavo issue did.

So what is the Board going to do when the report finds that Planned Parenthood is not alone in groups they give money to that either provide or refer on abortion. Will they cut all that funding? Will they allow all those clinics and hospitals to fail? Where will pregnant mothers be able to go for proper health care? The Pro-Birth camp would rather burn the village in order to save it and the GOP has proven they are nothing more than slaves to the Pro-Birthers. Keep digging your hole deeper GOP, within four years the word Republican will be a four letter word, even in Orange County.

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