Sunday, March 1, 2009



After a year long and much needed sabbatical from the blogosphere, it is a pleasure to return. This time I have decided to strike it out on my own with a new blog in the Orange County blogosphere, SUNNY D. The name is a tribute to my blogosphere roots. In Orange County, I am very impressed how people on both sides of the political spectrum have really developed the political blogosphere. Whether Liberal or Conservative, we are looked to as an example from political bloggers from throughout the nation, and I am proud to have been a pioneer in this effort along with many of the great bloggers in the many political blogs in Orange County.

I am excited to introduce this effort, and set out to do what I did in my original run- get political discourse going, be edgy, raise eyebrows and all at the same time, be credible. Of course all great blogs have a great team behind them and I will not be doing this alone. Along with me, the first addition is Alex Coe, who will be blogging from a Libertarian/Conservative perspective. Over the next week I will be announcing other additions to the Sunny D Team from all ends of the political spectrum, some will be new faces to the blogosphere and some will be familiar names.

As for me, I have many great posts lined up. Some will focus on the many issues facing Orange County, some will focus on the direction that this nation and the so-called values movement is taking and all will raise eyebrows, make a point and hopefully reach a person or two. So sit back enjoy the ride and let the games begin!


  1. Claudio, Thank you for the opportunity to try to make a difference in our world.

  2. Welcome back, Claudio. We here at A Bubbling Cauldron look forward to your pithy, prescient and provocative prose.

  3. Welcome back, Claudio! I hope I'll be able to link here often. ;-)

  4. Hey Claudio! Best wishes on your emerging blog


  5. Welcome back to blogging Claudio. Best of luck with Sunny D!