Friday, March 6, 2009

What if there were guards in OC Jail instead of Sheriff's Deputies?

Should Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchins replace the deputy sheriffs in the OC Jail, with professional prison guards?

Your take?


  1. I have been on a tour of the Santa Ana Jail Facility - it operates under a completely different philosopy than the OC jail system.

    Some may not agree, but when you treat a person, even an incarcerated person, as a human being, they tend to respond as a human being.

  2. Junior,

    Thanks for your input.

    Is the Santa Ana jail tour open to the public?

    I'd agree that if you treat most people with dignity that they will respond in kind.

    How much $$$ could be saved by hiring professional guards instead of Sheriff's and how many Sheriff's could we put out on patrol if we did so? Would this not increase public safety?

  3. Thomas,
    A tour of the SA Jail, I believe, would be available to any SA resident interested in learning about how the facility works. Probably going through Chief Paul Walter's office.