Monday, March 30, 2009

Mike Carona, A Blogography Chapter 1

The reaction to the verdict was an audible shock at my work when former OC Sherriff Mike Carona was unjustly acquitted of five out of the six charges. I admit I was bewildered that they could find him GUILTY of witness tampering and yet find him NOT GUILTY of the very crimes he was found guilty of trying to cover up. If he is NOT GUILTY beyond any reasonable doubt of Obstruction of Justice, Corruption and Bribery, why would he try to “cover up” something he is NOT GUILTY of doing. Makes no sense does it.

Like O.J. Simpson, the vast majority of the educated public clearly believes Mike Carona to be guilty of all the crimes he was charged with and conspired with his colleagues to commit them. It was clear that he was guilty to the most casual observer but not to 11 weak minded individuals and 1 career Disney character with an infatuation with Mike Carona’s sex life.

I am proud to say that I am one of the first people to have seen the disgraced Sheriff for what he really was. While others, most in the Republican Party, but also a few Democrats, stuck up for the most corrupt Sheriff in California history, I dedicated my early blogging career to exposing this two faced megalomaniac and his cronies for what they were. I am proud to say I stood up for the right thing to do when it wasn’t politically expedient or popular, even with insiders from my side of the aisle. I was personally attacked, called a tin foil hat wearer, was told that my writings were a pile of manure, was even told that I was being anti-gay by opposing a pro gay-rights Sheriff. What I have yet to hear from those same people was that our side was RIGHT!

I am proud to have stood with Liberals like R. Scott Moxley, Gustavo Arellano and Conservatives like Allen Bartlett , Tim Whitacre, Mike McGill who saw this not as a right vs. left issue but a right vs. wrong issue. I still take issue with those who now admit Carona was corrupt but make excuses for his behavior by claiming it was Jaramillo, Heidl and Cavallo who were influencing him. Last time I checked he was a human being with his own free will and could have spoken out, instead he relished being involved with the corrupt. No one put a gun to his head and made him do all these things that he did. No one put a gun to his head and made him sleep with several women who were not his wife and then dole out political favors to them on the taxpayer dime. No one put a gun to his head and made him chummy with a known mafia figure. Mike Carona committed those actions because he WANTED to, not because someone MADE him do it.

I was a fan of Mike Carona after the murder of Samantha Runnion. I even bought into the America’s Sheriff kool-aid. I admired how he brought down a vicious child murderer and was there for the family in their time of need. Then came the Gregory Heidl case, when Gregory, the out of control son of Don Heidl, and two friends videotaped themselves violently raping an unconscious girl. In the months that followed, Gregory Heidl continued to have run ins with the law, and each time, he seemed to get a free pass. Then came the Catholic Church Priest Abuse scandal.

Gustavo “The Mexican” Arellano from the OC Weekly was doing the work the mainstream media was afraid to do, expose the truth. While the OC Register was Publishing Editorials swift-boating “liberal” Marywood employees, Gays and Liberals and while the LA Times was doing nothing at all, Gustavo Arellano was busy exposing the truth, particularly the sinister involvement of the former OC Republican Party Chairman in covering up child molestation. There were plenty of records to indict CONSERVATIVE Tom Fuentes for his role in assisting former CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN Bishop Johnson(may he burn in hell), and former CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN Bishop McFarland in hiding pedophiles and other molestors among the priesthood and nunnery. This would have caused a scandal of epic proportions, when the files suddenly “disappeared.” It was early in my blogging career when I was contacted by a victim of abuse by the Catholic Church. Their story moved me, seeing the pain they still felt after all these years. A feeling of deep seeded anger also filled me as I learned even more so that the church I believed in for so many years was nothing more than the largest child molesting operation in the history of the world. Even more anger filled me as I learned the Orange County Republican Party's sinister role in the scandal and an outright effort to mislead Steven Greenhut and others by blaming "liberals." But it was when I learned what happened to the Fuentes files that the anger turned into a loathsome hatred of Mike Carona and other deviants like Don Heidl and Mike Schroeder.

Follow along as I bring part 2 of the series to you in the coming days........

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  1. Rumor has it the fix is in and Corona will not be required to serve any actual jail time.