Friday, March 6, 2009


The common message that seems to be coming from the Republican Party is “We hope Obama fails.” It comes from Limbaugh’s now infamous comment. So is this all the GOP has come to stand for? Would they rather drive this country further into the ground to get power back? Well lets take a look at the shell shock conservatives and Republicans must be feeling. Now Matt Cunningham has joined in the Partisanship before Country battle cry .

Just four years ago, many pundits were predicting the Democratic Party would become the permanent minority party for at least the next 30 years. The religious right was salivating over the fact that they seemed to control the nation. Within four years, that control has completely fallen apart. The party is in disarray, the religious right’s control over all Christianity is slipping away by the day. Their attempt to revise and redefine American is now in the hands of President Barack Obama. All you have to do is listen to the rhetoric of the GOP and conservatives the last 30 years and their attempts to brainwash the people into believing a lie of history and the answer becomes crystal clear why they want Obama to fail.

You see, if Obama succeeds, if the US economy turns around and we become stronger than ever before, the American people will see once and for all that the history the conservative camp has been trying to feed them has been nothing more than a lie in order for them to seek power and shove their worldview down the throats of the American people. You see for the past 30 years, their ideology has been based on one historical inaccuracy, that Franklin D. Roosevelt prolonged the Depression, that the New Deal was a failure and he brought our nation to the brink of Communism.

Instead of hailing him as one of the greatest leaders of our time, they have sought to turn FDR into one of the greatest boogie men of our time. In that time, they sought to make Ronald Reagan into their demagogue, worshiping him at an almost god like status. They claim he saved America, that he won the Cold War(a notion a Polish immigrant I know who LIVED under Communism laughs at). As a result they spent the last 28 years destroying all the reforms that had been made since the Gilded Age of the late 1800’s that were meant to stop companies from becoming “TOO BIG TO FAIL.” This has been the American tradition since the Trust Buster Theodore Roosevelt began this practice. The lack of corporate responsibility returned in the 20’s under the most corrupt President in our history, Republican Warren Harding which would lead to the Great Depression.

During the early years of the Depression, even Herbert Hoover knew that the so-called free market, what I call lack of corporate responsibility, but did not have the courage to do what truly needed to be done. Franklin Roosevelt did, and in the process put America back to work, built up our nations infrastructure and created grand building projects that are the pride of America with his Works Progress Administration. In the end he also had the courage to face down the worse tyrants in human history, Adolf Hitler and Hediki Tojo and lead a hodge podge group of allies to victory against the well organized military machines of Hitler and Tojo.

Yet what he did in the New Deal was to expose the veil of corruption when corporate America is allowed to run free with no accountability and no rules. A new tradition of abiding by new rules was created and Corporate America still flourished long after Roosevelt was gone. But it wasn’t good enough for them. It is said Power Corrupts and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely. Such is the case of Corporate America. They wanted absolute power, and they began the long road of re-establishing that. They found a political party, REPUBLICANS, to take their ideas as their own. They found a boogie man, COMMUNISM, and began to put anyone who disagreed with them into this category. They found a coalition of other folks who could dispense their kool-aid to the populace at large and at the same time hijacked an entire religion- CHRISTIANITY. Then they found their champion, someone who was likeable enough and charismatic enough to sell their garbage to the American people at large, RONALD REAGAN. Last of all they sought to re-create history and turn one of the greatest American hero’s FDR, into an American villain.

They created a propaganda machine, they even got FDR’s old party, the Democratic Party, to cowtow to some of their goals. Yet how does an oligarchy survive in a 1st world nation. Eventually, when only 2% of the nation is getting 98% of the nations wealth, something has to give. Through the last 28 years, corporate America used conservatives to overturn all the safeguards put in place during the New Deal, all except one, the FDIC. They build a house of cards, but they controlled things again, much like they did in the Gilded Age of the late 1800’s and the Roaring 20’s. In 2005, it seemed nothing could stop them now, they would have control for the foreseeable future. Yet in their attempts to revise and redefine history, they forgot history themselves and forgot just how the previous Corporate ages came crashing down. Finally last year, it all came crashing down.

Enter President Barack Hussein Obama. He is a President who knows what needs to be done. He knows that the damage the conservatives and corporate America did over the past 28 years needs to be undone. He knows we need to correct ourselves and is a visionary like the Trust Busting Presidents of the early 20th Century(Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson and the New Deal Reformers(FDR and Truman). This is why they want him to fail, because when his policies work, the American people see that they have been fed lies for 28 years, they will hand progressives a majority without end, or at least until the next generation forgets the past and the truth of history.

So my encouragement, study history, unbiased history written by true Historians, and learn the truth and the puzzle will come together as to why they want Obama to fail. I believe America’s best days are ahead and I believe Obama will succeed and the conservatives must be exposed for what they are. When they only are out to help 2% of America and screw over the remaining 98% of America, to me that is unpatriotic and un-American to have a platform that believes in screwing over 98% of the American people. GOD BLESS AMERICA!


  1. Claudio:

    I, too, encourage you to study some history of the Great Depression.

  2. Matt,

    Welcome. I have read plenty of history from the Great Depression. I have even read the revisionist material that says FDR prolonged the Depression. SOrry, not buying it. Most historians credit the New Deal with getting us on the long road back from this devastating depression. I encourage our readers to see for themselves, by reading books, articles and scholarly journals of the Great Depression and the New Deal and the picture will become clear the kind of Hope and Progress Obama will bring to America. Please check out these links:

  3. Are you saying the Amity Shlaes book is factually incorrect? Or you just don't want to believe it?

    And I disagree with your "most historians" assertion. Maybe your early ones in the immediate post-New Deal era aping Schlesinger's FDR worship, but no real scholar can maintain the New Deal ended the Depression -- or even "put us on the road" to recovery.

  4. His policies are going to fail to turn things around, but by all means put your faith in another politician Claudio. You are going to be disappointed. We are gonna be in a depression for a long time. BTW, McCain would be doing most of the same things things that Obama is doing, so I'm glad Obama is going to start getting the blame for throwing gas onto the depression fire. You just print your way out of a financial crisis.

  5. Claudio,

    No one wants Obama to fail. We want his policies to fail.

    And the New Deal did nothing to help America, but the start of a World War did. Detroit re-tooled and cranked out tanks and planes and weapons of war.

  6. I didn't vote for Obama but I certainly don't want him to fail. He is the President of the United States. He may not be making decisions I like, and a few things I do hope fail miserably but I sure hope "HE" doesn't fail. What would that mean for America?

  7. Do I want him to fail as President? NO!
    Do I want him to fail as a liberal socialist, YES!
    Do I want to see an increase in government intrusion into matters that are those "left to the states or to the people"? NO!
    Do I want the nation to be successful? Absolutely!
    Do I want laws enforced when it comes to the stock market, securities and financial instruments? YES! This would have prevented a great deal of the mess we are in right now had the funding been granted when requested on the several occasions that it was requested and then denied by Congress.

    Do I think that the President has much of a clue how this all works? Nope, not much, not in the real world, but I hope he and Congress wake up soon. It's past time the SEC and other investigative units are fully funded, so they can actually do the job they should be doing and recover at least some of the money that has been criminally made, stolen, or otherwise fraudulently pilfered over the last few years in the markets world wide. I have been doing extensive research on this issue for a while now. What I have found boggles the mind and I will be sharing some of it in the very near future.

    Do I think the President is really going to make it all right again and recover the money that was stolen by all these folks from you and me and our 401k’s and IRA’s? I doubt it, from his actions so far. That would put more money into the market and really make the right kind of change in stabilizing the market and the rest of the economy as well.

  8. Is Obama the lousy bowler who makes fun of kids in Special Olympics going to resign?

    Or should only Republicans who do wrong have to resign?

  9. Or should the Former Mayor of Los Al who mad the watermelon joke get his job back now that Michele Obama planted some today on the grounds of the White House?

    Obamas to Plant Vegetable Garden at White House

  10. I agree with Claudio. I think this recession was engineered to stamp out the growing middle class that resulted from the Clinton Presidency.