Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Santa Ana's Renaissance Specific Plan

It's coming back.

And if it's done right it could bring jobs and a badly needed tax base to Santa Ana.

But will they do it right?

Will they invite residents, business owners and other interested parties to the table BEFORE they roll it out again?

Will they listen?

If done right, the plan could create jobs and housing and business opportunities for local residents. Local small businesses might get sorely needed work from the design and construction of the new housing and retail spaces.

If done right Santa Ana could reap huge sums of tax dollars from businesses looking to get in early and make some money.

Or it could be done all wrong and blow a huge chance for Santa Ana to revitalize our tax base, create jobs and expand opportunities for all.

What do you see as the best bet for it to succeed or where do you see Santa Ana making mistakes.

How can we make it work, and what will it take for you to support it?

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