Friday, March 20, 2009

Sheriff Hutchens snatches CCW of Mike Schroeder

Has she lost her mind?

Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens notified Mike Schroeder, former chairman of the state Republican Party, that she is terminating his permit to carry a concealed weapon.

He plans to fight the Sheriff, legally if need be. And I suspect that many gun owners, gun rights advocates, and folks who actually support the Constitution will join him.

I know I will.


  1. Careful there Thomas,
    Claudio might ban you from blogging if you suport Mike Schroeder.

  2. Claudio would not ban me from blogging....period.

    Claudio and I might disagree from time to time, but we keep it civil and on friendly terms.

    I will support Mike Schroeder's right to defend himself from the violent crime in the OC, lunatics, and those who may choose to do him or his family harm. And I will support his right to do so no matter the cost.

  3. Claudio!

    I miss reading you over at OJ!

  4. Thomas,
    Your first question is a rhetorical one, she lost it someplace in LA...and apparently she isn’t going to find it soon.

    BTW Why is Scott Baugh blocking the vote in the Republican central committee? Someone needs to remind him it was the NRA guys from HB who got him elected in his very first election. He still owes them at the very least, some respect and a vote.