Wednesday, March 25, 2009

U.S. to blame for much of Mexico violence says Clinton

So is Mexico to blame for America's drug problem?

I call bullshit on Hillary's announcement that the USA is to blame for the drug war waging in Mexico. For too long corruption has been the norm in Mexico, what with elected official's in bed with the drug cartels, taking money and gifts in return for silence. US Attorney General Eric Holder has gone so far as to use the Mexican drug war as an excuse to seize American's guns.

America should immediately legalize marijuana, which would take away vast amounts of wealth from Mexico's drug cartels. Next, America should send in elite military teams to seek out and destroy the cartels and their infrastructure. Lastly, secure the border to prevent the flow of guns going South and drugs coming North.

And the violence that happens in Mexico doesn't stay in Mexico. Phoenix, Arizona is now the kidnapping capital of America with more than 370 kidnappings last year alone.
Phoeniz has had horrific cases of dumped bodies with chopped-off hands, legs and heads when a victim's family doesn't pay up fast enough.And it happens in not only in Arizona, but in Texas, New Mexico, California and many other states.

And judging by the picture below, I'd say Hillary and Bill bear their fair share of any blame when it's comes to America's drug problem


  1. It would seem that many of the firearms in Mexico are not from the US since a vast majority of the firearms found in Mexico’s drug war are fully automatic firearms. They are not the type of weapons you can go down and purchase from your local dealer. Nor can you go down to your local FFL and buy yourself RPG’s or hand grenades, which are becoming more and more common in the drug wars south of the border.

    While I have no doubt that there is in fact some supply of firearms going to Mexico, I would like to see some factual data on the sources of firearms confiscated in Mexico. Since after doing extensive searches online, attempting to find such current data and I couldn’t, I must assume that it’s not publicly available. I wonder why? Is there a greater agenda against the truth out there? Is this increase in talk and anecdotal information a part of a media disinformation campaign for the coming push for increased federal gun control. I suspect this is why the papers are full of this sort of story now, since most of the sources of this are cabinet members of the new Obama administration. As well as the violence that continues in Mexico.

    Here’s a reality check for everyone. The folks involved in this drug war are professional smugglers and they are good at what they do. What makes anyone think they can’t smuggle virtually anything from virtually anywhere into wherever they want. They have the money the means and the tools to do it.

    As well, as Thomas has pointed out, the corruption in Mexico is simply ruinious to the social fabric of the country. It is one of the many reasons so many folks come here to seek a better life.

    My opinion is that the lack of fair social justice in Mexico is a much greater cause of the violence in Mexico, than is the US or our firearms.

  2. Using Secretary Clinton's logic, it would seem that are choices are:

    1. Legalize drugs which would further demolish the social fabric of our country - or

    2. US military take-over of Northern Mexico