Thursday, March 5, 2009

Deborah Carona AWOL from OC Fair Board

Looks like Deborah Carona might not be getting all those free concert tickets or lobster dinners down at the OC Fair this summer.

The Orange County Register's Tony Saavedra has blown the lid off on the missing Mrs. Carona, and reveals that she missed 10 of the last 15 monthly meetings, including the last 5 in a row! State law says that any appointee who misses three consecutive meetings without permission has in effect resigned.

The OC Register last year revealed that Deborah Carona took the most free Pacfic Amphitheatre concert tickets of any board member. She grabbed up 1,227 free tickets valued at nearly $51,000.


  1. I'm not suggesting you cut her some slack - she obviously doesn't deserve it - but at least spell her name correctly.

  2. Pot Stirrer,

    I stand corrected. I apologize to Mrs Carona and our readers for this mistake. It has since been fixed.