Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Terrorist Many Conservatives Want You To Forget About

In the 1990’s there were three major terrorist attacks on U.S. soil. Of course everyone remembers the first World Trade Center attack carried out by Al Queda and the Oklahoma City bombing carried out by anti-government extremist Timothy McVeigh. And I am sure most people remember the event in Atlanta on a hot summers night, July 27, 1996 when, for the second time in modern Olympic history, a terrorist attack was carried out on the Games that killed two people and wounded over 100 when a bomb exploded shortly before midnight.

Most people remember that event happened, most people remember that former Attorney General Janet Reno originally fingered the wrong person, Richard Jewell. Who could forget the hilarious skit on SNL when the actual Richard Jewell came and punched Will Farrell playing Janet Reno in the stomach which was part of the settlement with the government. What most people don’t remember was the motive for the attack, which is something people like Moorlach and Campbell hope stays that way. Everyone remembers the motive and the perpetrators of the first two attacks, but this one seems to be forgotten and it should be the one attack from the 90’s we remember the most.

In 1998, the FBI finally did finger the right person, a former Army Explosives Specialist named Eric Robert Rudolph. Unfortunately, the two extra years he began a reign of terror on the choice and gay community. He bombed two clinics that provided abortions, one of them resulted in the death of a Police Officer and a gay nightclub in Atlanta. Being a survivalist, he hid out in the Appalachians, possibly with help from activists in the anti-choice movement until an unsuspecting police officer chanced upon him digging for food in 2003. In the end, he struck a deal with the anti-choice Bush Administration to spare his life, probably because of the views he shared with them on social issues. In fact below is his stated motive for the Atlanta Olympic Games attack:

“the purpose of the attack on July 27 was to confound, anger and embarrass the Washington government in the eyes of the world for its abominable sanctioning of abortion on demand.”

There you have it. Moorlach and the worst serial terrorist in the U.S. during the 90’s have something in common. This receives very little attention and in fact most don’t know that the attack was inspired by the same anti-choice rhetoric that Moorlach spewed at the Board of Supervisors meeting. This explains a lot. I think we can surmise that many conservatives would rather we forget this little episode in U.S. History.

When the attack first happened, their was a rush by many conservatives to blame Islamic Fundamentalists and joined all Americans in condemning the attack. Even many conservatives joined the Richard Jewell lynch mob when Janet Reno wrongfully went after him. Yet when it came out that the person was an anti-choice extremist in the mold of Pat Robertson, Rush Limbaugh and other conservative leaders, suddenly there was silence from their end of the aisle. No condemnation for the attack, an stale response when he was caught. Were people like Moorlach secretly wanting to high five Rudolph for what they view as “standing up for the unborn” by killing two innocent people who probably have nothing to do with the abortion debate? You have to wonder why our conservative government caved in to a terrorist and made a plea bargain with him. They claim it was to find out where the explosives he hid were at, but considering the rhetoric that came out of the Bush Administration on a woman's right to choose, was there a bit of sympathy from extremists like John Ashcroft that made them go soft on Rudolph. The man deserved to be put to death he is a terrorist pure and simple.

Not to generalize, but when you have ideologues, such as Moorlach, who are very extreme on the issue, one has to wonder if they don’t feel a sense of support for this terrorist. One has to wonder if they were actually rooting for Rudolph to not get caught. One has to wonder if they were actually rooting for him to strike again. I am not a mind reader, so I don’t know for sure if Moorlach and other extremists like him feel this way for sure, but it is food for thought. Why do they not like to mention the real motive for this attack.

Why would they prefer that people forget the real reason for this attack? Why? I can tell you this much for sure because a devout Catholic told me this. Because they know he was inspired by the slanderous rhetoric they constantly spew. Because they know their rhetoric created the worst serial terrorist on U.S. soil in the 1990’s. This is not just a post, this is a service to the public, to make sure they don’t forget this shameful event in U.S. history, when Christian extremism caused an act of terrorism on the XXVI Olympiad Games. When an event meant to promote world unity and peace was shattered by extremists intending on violating a woman’s right to choose. The terrorist attack heard round the world, the one extremists like John Moorlach would wish to be forgotten. Of course I do invite Moorlach and other prominent OC conservatives to comment on here with a wholesale condemnation of this attack and I will happily post it. Or you can attack me which tells everyone all we need to know where your sympathies lie. The picture below is from an anti-choice conservative website which you can view HERE.


  1. "Not to generalize, but when you have ideologues, such as Moorlach, who are very extreme on the issue, one has to wonder if they don’t feel a sense of support for this terrorist."

    Uh, .. I think you just generalized Claudio.

    It is unfair to characterize those who support pro-life positions as supporters of terrorism.

  2. Junior,

    I am not calling people opposed to abortion terrorists. I just wonder why the most fiery anti-choicers are so hesitant to speak of the motive of this attack or condemn it.

  3. Well Claudio, you can count me as one "pro-birther" who condemns any violent attack, including this one, as the act of a madman.

    And if the picture you present of Ann Coulture is real, not phonied up - that disappoints me.

  4. I think many have. It's not like either of these two incidents are recent.

    I have heard a whole boatload of very conservative “pro-life” folks condemn both acts.

    Mater of fact, I remember Rush was just livid over both incidents, when they were actually current events. I don’t personally know anyone who holds either of these two idiots up as some sort of heroes. I know people who have some understanding of their frustrations and perhaps even their motives, but NOT the bombings or acts of violence that they inflicted on innocent folks. I think your inference is a little tasteless Claudio, considering your stated intentions of this blog.

    Since I am not an “anti-choice” person I can’t really speak for those who are, but I am a uber-conservative who believes that prohibitions never work. My dislike of abortion isn’t germane to a discussion whether it should be legal to obtain one. If anything is made illegal it cannot be regulated and at the very least, some societal control of it through regulations. I wish others could understand that point too.

    Let me make a statement right now. There is NO excuse for terrorism in our society. Not from the right or the left, not from ALF or Sea Sheppard, or any organization or individuals period. Not any of them should be free from being castigated by all of our society, liberal or conservative.

  5. BTW I couldn't find the photo you referenced above for "Free Eric Robert Rudolph" held by Ann Coulter. What I did find was this page which clearly shows it as a photoshoped parody.

  6. Alex,

    I found the photo by googling Atlanta Olympics Bombing and then clicking images. It comes up on the second or third page. THat is the direct website. Junior, Anne Coulter did not pose for a photo stating that, but she did state he should be freed during oneof the rants. SHe has also praised Timothy McVeigh. The websites author may have photoshopped the picture itself.

    Back to Alex, what second attack are you talking about. I am only discussing Atlanta and the acts committed by Eric Rudolph. My recollection was nothing but silence or the most insincere condemnation from the right when the truth came out. I am harsh on the right for their hypocrisy, I grew up and witnessed it and I am calling them out on it.

    The second act I believe you are referring to is Oklahoma City. Actually I don't take much issue with the right wing on that one. They were pretty outspoken(with the exception of Anne Coulter) when it came to their condemnation of him and have done their part to make sure that act remains in the memory of all Americans. They have not done so with Atlanta, and I wonder why they are treating the two acts of terrorism so differently.

    My inferenece is not tasteless. If they have the same opinion as you or Rush apparently did, then they can come and express it on this site or publicly. But I have to wonder why the silence. While doing some research on home schooling, I read a book called American History from a Christian Point of View, the edition came out in 2000. Oklahoma City is mentioned, the motive is mentioned, they don't show any mercy on McVeigh(good for them). NOT A PEEP ON ATLANTA. WHY? Food for thought.

  7. And there should be no understanding of a terrorists frustrations or motives. In a nation where we are free to express ourselves and express our differences in non-violent manner, there is never any excuse to resort to violence that hurts innocent people to make a point. I have no understanding of the frustration or motive from people who set fire to SUV's thinking they are "saving the environment." I am a big believer in global warming, but in a country where we have so many non-violent ways to express that, there is no excuse to ever feel like resorting to destruction.

    Likewise with Atlanta. There is no excuse for any anti-choicer to have an "understanding" of his motive or frustration.

  8. These are very graphic photos of the pain and suffering inflicted by a madman.

    I would also post photos of the inhumanity of a partial birth abortion.